Kent A. Spriggs Endodontics

Kent A. Spriggs Endodontics site design

Kent A. Spriggs Endodontics provides endodontic services to the Fargo–Moorhead and surrounding areas.

  • Launched

    March 2018

    • Logo design
    • Site redesign including an update to a responsive layout
    • Content strategy
    • CMS implementation
  • Process

    As a current client with Ecliptic, Kent A. Spriggs Endodontics was looking at upgrading their existing site to a more modern layout including an update to a responsive layout. While consulting with the client, Ecliptic offered an update to their logo design, with which they ended up being quite happy. The new layout is easy to navigate and offers a more neutral, soothing mood for their prospective clients.

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